About Robin Mathes

Robin envisions $PAC becoming the #1 charity donor worldwide by sponsoring $PAC directly to those in need through a versatile model tailored to the teleological purpose of each and every one of its beneficiaries.

Robin is in charge of the Charity Projects being funded and organized by $PAC.

Latest Twitter Updates from Robin:

$PAC Community🌎

$PAC is more than just a #cryptocurrency, it’s a Community that gives back and takes care of others in need! @PAC_CharityDept @Robin_Matthes

Join the movement at: https://t.co/ZECHvWDW9a
#paccoin #crypto #bitcoin #LitecoinFam #blockchain #Masternodes $PAC

📰NEW $PAC Leadership Restructuring & A New Directors Roadmap📰

Huge changes for the $PAC project, new talent, 3 month directors road map and more! #bitcoin #cryptonews #cryptocurrency #blockchain #fintech #hodl #paccoin #btc #eth


At Network at a Higher Level Event in Paramus, NJ with @BoilingPointLTC and @CryptoCrusader1. Plenty of companies here and we are educating them all about #PayWithLitecoin and Cryptos. We have several new businesses that will be Accepting Cryptos that were here tonight!!

Fresh off roadshow Washington Elite team return to the US Capitol for the biggest most exciting #AI #Blockchain Summit ever! Dubbed the Self Sovereign Identity Edition #SSI the two day conference brings together hackers, devs #STO #IEO executives+exchanges https://t.co/eM7D6PG8gS

$PAC wishes mothers the best! Moms can have a difficult task in a country like Venezuela! $PAC and its charity partners @GlobalBoost @Flame_of_Peace @jonnylitecoin & @KennETHbosak support @jguaido making Venezuela whole by doing 500+ Handouts in Caracas! #YoSalgoXVenezuela #11MAY

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For information about the $PAC Charity, please visit them on the $PAC Charity Discord Server.

The link is: https://discord.gg/QZDgCCU