The Guardian Gym Project

Among our many roles within the $PAC Community Charity Department is deciding which charity we wish to support, both in short and long term ventures. It is our great pleasure to be associated with The Guardian Gym Project, a not-for-profit organisation in Oakland, California. The project provides a safe haven for kids aged 10 years and up, to play and learn under mentorship, in a vibrant community that provides activities both physical as well as academical.

About Guardian Gym

“Guardian is a 501(c)3 nonprofit martial arts gym in downtown Oakland, California. We offer classes in boxing, Brazilian jiu jitsu, and kick boxing. Our gym is free for kids ages 10 – 18, and offers affordable sliding-scale memberships for adults. Our space was founded on the belief that almost everyone wants to be a part of a tribe, and we work daily to serve as a vital space for our community.”

At $PAC, we offer ongoing financial support to help to fund sports equipment, clothing and a leaderboard reward system for hard work and team achievements within their community. They will also be rewarded for attendance, helping to maintain and clean equipment, tutoring and volunteering. The Guardian Organization is going to be fully integrating $PAC via their website, so that students can then spend their earned rewards via the $PAC mobile app wallet, which runs on Android as well as Apple software. There will also be funding for students in their after-school martial arts program, anda new $PAC classroom, where students can learn about blockchain technology and other crypto related topics, because financial education and technology awareness cannot be overvalued. $PAC donations to date:

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