About Robin Mathes

Robin envisions $PAC becoming the #1 charity donor worldwide by sponsoring $PAC directly to those in need through a versatile model tailored to the teleological purpose of each and every one of its beneficiaries.

Robin is in charge of the Charity Projects being funded and organized by $PAC.

Latest Twitter Updates from Robin:

$PAC Charity! 💯 #donations #charity #love #work #respect #art #cryptoart #coins #venezuela #rebuild #feed

Made from our wonderful Marshall Mustang!

Chce to železné nervy mít na sobě obrovského $PAC maskota před stovkami lidí na
@WashingtonElite #blockchain sumitě a hovořit o úžasných věcech, které náš projekt dosahuje. Obrovské děkuji @Robin_Matthes za to, co děláš. #bitcoin #HODL


Chce to železné nervy mať na sebe obrovského $PAC maskota pred stovkami ľudí na @WashingtonElite #blockchain samite a hovoriť o úžasných veciach, ktoré náš projekt dosahuje. Obrovská vďaka @Robin_Matthes za to, čo robíš. #bitcoin #HODL


E nevoie de nervi de oțel pentru a purta o gigantica mascota $PAC și să vorbești despre lucrurile uimitoare realizate de acest proiect in fața a sute de oameni la sumitul @WashingtonElite #blockchain. Multe mulțumiri @Robin_Matthes pentru acest lucru #bitcoin #HODL

This is Ta Prohm, a Buddhist monastery was built in 1186! The buildings were abandoned by humans but the #forests of Cambodia wasted no time moving in. Many silk-cotton and strangler fig #trees can be found rooted and winding in loosened stones of the temple.

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For information about the $PAC Charity, please visit them on the $PAC Charity Discord Server.

The link is: https://discord.gg/QZDgCCU