Cooperation Agreement between the Flame of Peace, GlobalBoost and $PAC Coin.

A cooperation agreement has been sealed on the 2nd of March, 2019, between Sir Sandor HabsburgLothringen, from the Flame of Peace,  Bruce Porter Jr. who is the CEO of GlobalBoost and Robin Matthes, Director of Charity at $PAC Coin.

The goal of this partnership is to combine forces and resources and to together as well as individually strive  to use the blockchain for charitable goals. The agreement can be viewed below:

The Flame of Peace is a charitable organization that is active in over 70 different countries. The Flame of Peace is ran by the House of Habsburg, a royal family with its lineage dating back since the time of the Roman Empire and the House of Lorraine (Pronounced Lothringen in German). Their geneology can be viewed in the Appendix.

A good example of a charitable cause is the Flame of Peace supports is getting clothes and old furniture from hospitals in impoverished neighbourhoods of surrounding countries. In this example, the furniture is free, and because it regards  charitable cause, the transportation is also free. This is a great example of a highly effective charitable cause which also shows the willingness of the environment to further human kind since the transportation was done by a 3rd party.


GlobalBoost, famous for its visually impaired veteran hockey team called the Washington Elite (which is where the name came from for the blockchain & A.I. summits). A few months ago, GlobalBoost joined $PAC on their mission to save Venezuelan refugees. As the next step, Bruce envisions to create jobs for Veterans such as refurbishing phones for the earlier mentioned Venezuelan refugees.


$PAC supports a wide variety of charitable causes. These causes are often self build project by the $PAC Community and in some cases $PAC supports registered charitable causes, if they accept $PAC for donations on their website. Examples of $PAC Charities are: The Brynn Home for orphans, saving starving children in Africa, saving Venezuelan refugees together with Cripto Conserje, GlobalBoost and Horizen, feeding stray dogs and much more! Each month 4 new charitable causes get selected to start their trial. Upon showing their first result, such as photo’s and/or videos they will get funded more! Upon showing results on a regular basis, the charity in question will be integrated into the $PAC Charity program and aligned with the $PAC charitable goals, mission, vision, etc.


The agreement with the Flame of Peace has just been made and hence there is no solid outline/roadmap for a future planning (yet). Combining project, (financial) forces and resources and will be a graduate process that will be developed as we go!


The Director of Charity and CEO of GlobalBoost also got invited to an event the Flame of Peace is organizing in October for the Price of Monaco who does a lot of charity as well.


Appendix I – Genealogy of the House of Habsburg