Top Donors Leader Board

“The people who contribute to charity are the people who perceive that others urgently need help and unlike most who only spectate also ACT upon this perception by e.g. donating. $PAC recognizes donations can come in multiple forms (money, time & attention, resources, physical efforts, spreading awareness, etc.). Though principally donations come in the form of money/coins, $PAC acknowledges the effort of each and every individual contributing to Charity. That being said, $PAC would like to thank each and every one of you, who are reading this. Through education, empowering children, and tackling a wide variety of persistent problems worldwide we will change the world for the better!” – Director of Charity for $PAC

$PAC Charity Dept. would like to acknowledge the businesses and individual top donors.
As an added bonus for the top 10 Donors, we will provide a link to their business.

Top Ten Donors